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MIAMI LSO™ Miami LSO is a spinal orthosis designed for pain relief, protection of injured ligaments or muscles and post-surgical immobilization. It provides low-profile, anatomical immobilization, easy fit and wear, options for universal or modular support and an advanced pulley system with a length-adjustable pulley cord. INDICATIONS FOR USE Conditions requiring gross immobilization of the trunk in the lumbar region. Such conditions may include:

• Stable, non-displaced spinal fractures (L1-L5)

• Spinal stenosis

• Herniated discs

• Degenerative spinal pathologies

• Spondylolisthesis • Spondylolysis Contra-indication: Unstable, displaced spinal fractures FEATURES AND BENEFITS

• Slim, breathable material

• Proven Miami double-pulley system with length-adjustable pulley cord

• Intuitive fitting without trimming with fold-over belt arms & Precise-Size™ landmarks

• Optional fit tool for perfect fitting directly on the patient

• Universal belt sizing accommodates waists up to 178 cm/70"

• New Universal Posterior panel to accommodate more patients with less inventory

• Contoured posterior panels sized S-XL for a precise, anatomical fit

• Quick-Fit pocket enclosure and blue highlights for patient ease of use

• Immobilization from L1 – L5 with coverage from S1 – T9